Aloe vera drinks


Alovi products comply with the highest quality requirements and have achieved many international certifications such as
ISO/HACCP/FDA/FCE/BRC/SID/KOSHER and HALAL/SGS certifications are also in progress.

Organic Aloe Vera Farm

All our aloe vera pulps (gel) are directly from our natural and fresh aloe vera farm and the main ingredient of our products is from our own proved aloe plantation. After harvest, it goes straight to the facility, so the fresh aloe are infused into bottles without using any preservatives or powder.

Aloe vera drink

By drinking Aloe Vera juice, it will cleanse your digestive tract by getting rid of any toxins, cholesterol, and fats. It also gives you the feeling of fullness so that you don’t overeat. Aloe Vera juice will also serve as a form of laxative to clean out your system. Also, it will boost your metabolism and gives you more energy allowing you to burn fat much easier. We are giving free samples UK in the UK with HotFreeStuff.

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About us

ALOVI is one of the best aloe vera drink suppliers in the world market. We focus on producing the best quality of beverages to our customers. Besides, we pay more attention to protect the environment. We use the environmental-friendly bottles filled with the drinks. And we will recycle the water after making the beverages. In addition, we never add any preservatives or use any aloe vera powder. Improve product quality but also to protect the environment.