Our Story

About us:

We are a company of doing beverage export and wholesale. We offer the best beverages in the world market because our beverages, whether in terms of quality or price has a competitive advantage. It is worth mentioning that we will pay more attention to the protection of the environment during the production of beverage. At present, our aloe vera drinks have been available to all around the world.


Good drinks come from good ingredients. Our aloe drink select the 100% natural raw materials which come from our own aloe farm. And each aloe vera pulp is carefully selected and we are committed to selecting the best raw materials to produce healthy aloe vera drinks. We never add any preservatives or use any aloe vera powder.

Extraction and production:

We have three advanced production line in our facility, with the capacity of 10.000bottles per hour. Besides our production is high, in our production process, our workers will do a good job in an environmental protection way and stay in clean workshop to cut the newly harvested aloe leaf, and extract aloe pulp. Then aloe juice will be extracted.

After the juice is extracted, we use a pasteurization process to eliminate harmful bacteria while preserving great taste and vital nutrients. Our products are subject to strict quality control, because we will not let our customers disappointed.

Environmental friendly containers

We use the environmental-friendly bottles filled with the drinks. Most Enterprise production often bring adverse effects on the environment. Our mission is not only to give you a healthy aloe vera drink, but also to protect the environment.

Our main products: Aloe vera drink

Our team:

We have a dynamic and professional team in terms of the market, sales, support and services. Each position has a professional talent and good teamwork, so as to improve efficiency.

Our mission:

Bring the best aloe drinks to the whole world. We are looking for distributors for the whole world market, welcome to join us.

Our vision:

Our goal is to make it popular all over the world. Bring the best aloe drinks to the whole world.